Software Developer

Software Developer is needed to perform the following duties:

  • Designing/Architect and Develop SaaS Application’s Software Modules for Parthenon Global Systems
  • Developing Highly productive and reusable algorithm and implementation using C# language
  • Building Application for Managing Contracts along with Contracted Services using ASP.NET Core, MVC, APIs, SQL Server Reporting Service and Angular
  • Developing Central Application Solution to provide services to different applications such as Web, Desktop and Mobile
  • Developing a central Rest Web Services to communicate to light weight mobile applications
  • Utilizing different design patterns and top fitted software architectures to meet business requirement
  • Design and develop restful architecture to integrate accounting and payment service with subscription module of LTC Software Application
  • Providing high level User-Stories, Use-Case Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Class Diagram, ER Diagram, Integration strategy, System Diagram and business solutions action plan
  • Analyzing Long Term Care Database and designing different reports for providing clear picture on tracking progress of transactions
  • Software deployment to Azure Cloud Services using CI/CD
  • Managing Azure Cloud Resources to properly utilize acquired resources such as Virtual Machines, Application Services, Application Service Plans, Custom Domains, Scheduled Jobs, Application and Database Backup plans and Disaster Recovery planning
  • Perform root cause analysis, and applying analytical skill to debug any given problem to identify affected modules and come up with possible solutions
  • Preparing wireframe, active involvement in product design, requirement analysis using different UML diagrams such as Class Diagrams, Use Case Diagrams for presenting Software Requirements, System Flow and high-level system module
  • Solid understanding of planning development life cycle to deliver product modules in continues integration and continues development fashion
  • Actively involved in enhancing the existing system by analyzing business goals, crafting action plan and identified areas of modification
  • Securing Cloud Services endpoint to protect network resources
  • Collaborate with Customer Support team to identify and resolve issues faced by clients
  • Analyzing performance requirement for projects by code quality, unit test tools and third-party code analyzing applications
  • Governing project in terms of reviewing code, analyzing coding standards, documentation, unit test inspection, feature branching and according code check-ins, refactoring code and code quality analytics
  • Leading Software Development team by planning future sprints, estimating and assigning software modules to appropriate developer to utilize full time of team member to achieve planned deployments dates
  • Performing Agile methodologies with test driven development to provide qualitative product
  • Preparing time and cost estimation for planning Scrum Sprints to meet product releases
  • Preparing weekly status report for different software projects by projecting progress on different tasks
  • Identifying Risks in prior analysis of any software module development

Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering or Computer Engineering or Computer Science or Computer Information Systems.

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