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We provide an easy to use, scalable solution for tens, hundreds or thousands of providers in a contractor network. Contract Administration truly made easier.

Contract Administrators

Contract Administrators

Service Managers, Contract Administrators Finance, and Accounting want an easy and transparent way to report results after purchase orders, contracts, and service requisition are released to the business network comprising the suppliers, service providers, and vendors.We provide the tools to:

  • Register all vendors and suppliers
  • Authorize specific contracted services
  • control service costs
  • Generate service analytics
  • Interface with financial systems
Service Providers

Service Providers

Service Providers, Suppliers and Vendors want an easy way to be notified of service authorizations, purchase order and contract updates, approvals for payment and to stay in sync with financial managers each payment cycle.We provide the tools to:

  • Submit payment requests and claims
  • Preview approval status
  • Send alert notifications
  • Stay in sync in payment cycles
  • Improve payment turnaround time

platform components

  • Monitoring
  • Contract initiation
  • Billing
  • Tracking
  • Provider Onboarding
  • Reporting

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